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Review: "Last Breath" - TONICA

Haven't you ever heard a song that is so catchy that you've got to play it at least Twenty times on repeat? A song that keeps you rocking in your living room at 3:00 a.m. with a hairdryer, roaring out those irresistible lyrics. "Last Breath," TONICA's new hit single, achieves all that. This infectious, vibrant beat hypnotizes you into jumping up and tapping your foot to the rhythm. TONICA is a band composed of Amory as both the singer-guitarist and Sam as the producer-instrumentalist. The seasoned synth rhythms, along with an engrossed forceful hitting hook-heavy sound, leave you wanting more. The lively music combines wonderfully with the velvety vocals from Amory along with the wordplay in the lyrics: "Ironic, insane if this is how it's going to be, I want it…". This provides the impression that you are being hunted as the song comes up behind you and entraps you in its hypnosis. It also describes how this person can't get enough of a female, and how, despite her resistance, she desires the same and more of him. TONICA's latest single will have you dancing all night long.

The "Last Breath" instrumentals produce a psychedelic, funky, hypnotic vibe. The incorporation of synthetics contributes to the song's ambiance. Amory's smooth soothing vocals, combined with reverb and vocal synths, help to fully convey the mood. We get quite a melodramatic feeling from the tone. In "Last Breath," the ringing of the synth guitar contributes to the overall tone. The strong musical production from Sam is what pulls this beautiful single together. Utilizing synths and a hard-hitting banger from the guitar helps reel in listeners.

TONICA was born and bred in Manchester, England, and is a based alternative electro-pop Duo. Amory is the vocalist and composer guitarist who leads the pair with their powerful voice, while Sam is the songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. Their love of delectable, dark alternative pop inspired the formation of the band. The team is endowed with inherent abilities for generating elevating melodies and visual production that births a cosmos of cosmic possibilities. The duo's latest single "Last Breath" was released on March 3rd. Their influences include classical 80's synth and alternative music. The band is presently represented by 365 Artists and is being promoted by Emerging Behavior. TONICA's new track will put you in a cosmic. Hypnotic, melodramatic, morbid vibe. This song is a must to listen-to for those who want to be entrapped by a song.

Written By ShatteredSoul



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