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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Last Call" - Jamie Miller

“Don’t act like I’m not on your mind, like you’re on mine; cuz when it’s last call, I wanna be your first call.” Jamie Miller wrote ‘Last Call’ to capture the thrill of a relationship; one in which the lovers are completely devoted to each other. He’s quick to share the same feel-good energy that he receives from this person with you, and it’s just gorgeous. It’s such a sweet sentiment about Miller’s character in real life! That special feeling of being chosen is like fireworks going off in your mind. Miller makes sure you hear them loud and clear, even if you’ve never been in love before!

Miller’s range is INSANE! Passionately sweet low notes are met by soaring highs as the song builds. His lyrics are just as compelling as his voice. “Someone’s raising toasts to someone they say they can’t live without, and then I hope the bar kicks everybody out.” Miller speaks on a scene at the bar and how even when the bar closes, the good times won’t end. His chuckle at the end there is a very cool touch, like he's hoping for a chance to bring more excitement to the relationship. Small details like this make the song that much brighter. All of this is wrapped up in a nostalgic, piano-driven melody that’s simply enrapturing! You won’t just LOVE this’ll FEEL the love within you!

Raised in Cardiff, Wales, Jamie Miller grew up surrounded by classic soul, gospel and R&B music. Now based in LA, he’s become more attuned to pop powerhouses like Bruno Mars and Sam Smith. His insane vocal talent has gained him a massive following, as well as recognition from renowned pop idols like Kelly Clarkson and P!nk. This guy is the real deal! Check out his breakout ballad ‘Here’s Your Perfect’, which blew up on TikTok last year and stood atop the Billboard Global Ex-US Chart for 13 weeks! Also, get ready because his debut EP 'Broken Memories' arrives later this month!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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