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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "last girl" - elijah woods x MacKenzie Porter

Think of the most romantic song you’ve ever listened to, and then imagine it cranked up to an eleven. “last girl” is exactly that, and is elijah woods and MacKenzie Porter’s latest collaboration together, a dreamy country-pop love song all about romance, love, and being the last ones for one another. "last girl" was originally part of woods' earlier EP "bright orange everglow," but he reached out to Porter to add her personal country style to the song. Almost a confession, "last girl" creates a vision of a slowly dimming sun as you gaze at the person you love the most, realizing that they’ll be the last person you’ll ever love and the only person you’ll ever want, too. Perhaps you'll be reminded of a time when those words struck you, and you knew that the person you were with was the only one you'd ever want to take home. "last girl" is a vivid duet that is all love and soft, tentative warmth.

“last girl” is the exact song you should think of when someone brings up country-tinged love songs; the romance that seeps from this song is unmatched, so irrevocably intimate in its orange-tinted, starry-sky instrumentals. The strings that are weaved throughout the track are beautiful and soft, joined by a twinkling piano that supports each strum. Although, I think where the song shines the brightest is in its lyrics, accompanied by woods and Porter’s vocals. The songwriting is dyed with sunset colors and summer heat; the chorus paints this beautiful picture of a sudden realization, surrounded by a countryside landscape. woods and Porter’s voices harmonize especially well during the chorus, too: there’s a really great part where woods’ vocals dwindle out near the end, and all you’re left with is Porter singing, “I’m the last girl you’re bringing home.” And "last girl" is just that: a final statement-- not of a goodbye-- but a promise that you'll be the last girl, forever and, hopefully, ever.

elijah woods is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter, producer, and recording engineer who seeks to deliver multilayered musical artistry with his signature crisp style and evocative lyrics. As a 4 time JUNO Award nominee and with multiple platinum and gold records, woods has well over 4 million listeners on Spotify, and is already on his way to stardom. His 2021 debut single “lights” has over 9.5 million streams on Spotify, and his debut EP “look what i made” had even more success. MacKenzie Porter is a similarly talented artist; with her distinctive country-pop style, she’s made waves in the industry with her 2021 single “Pickup” that has over 44.5 million streams on Spotify. Her debut single dropped way back in 2012, “I Wish I’d Known,” and from then she’s blossomed into the artist you listen to now. “last girl” is the artists’ latest duet, and is best enjoyed during a gorgeous orange-hue sunset, just as the stars shine through the growing dim.

Written By Alexa Leung




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