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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Last Time" - Coppermines x Brendan Mills

You’re walking into a club right when a choir of synthetic instruments beam from the speakers and the words, “See you in my head when I turn the lights off”, surround the room. What do you do? The electro-pop single “Last Time” is a collaboration between well-known British producer and saxophonist, Brendan Mills, and up and coming producer and writer, Coppermines. Though their work is the production, the music amplifies the song’s lyrics written by songwriters Jamison and Anna Kline, which are about a person missing someone and trying to get them out of their mind by drinking them away. The pre-chorus explains it all, “Like I’m living in a flashback/ Tryin; to throw it back/ Like the liquor in my glass,” and is augmented by a soft, up-beat clap, increasing the anticipation. With its energetic instrumentation and the desire saturated lyrics, the song will leave you no choice but to get up on your feet and dance.

Collaborations between two artists usually means that the product they create is going to flourish with a creative uniqueness that can only be done when two or more come together. Brendan Mills and Coppermines are the perfect example of what it means to take two artists that specialize in certain things and gather them in a room to make something inspired. “Last Time” is the dreamy outcome, frosted with heavenly synths while the lyrics are the cherry on top, pining for something that could never exist since the beginning: a meaningful relationship.

Coppermines is a dance-pop producer and the artist project of EDM producer, Tim Chingos. From an early age, music has played a big part in his life. Throughout high school and college, he became involved in various musical groups by playing the drums and DJ’ing parties. Making his debut, Coppermines has made his first label release on Soave Records with “Last Time,” collaborating with world renowned producer and saxophonist, Brendan Mills. Based out of London, Brendan Mills is one of the most sought-after musicians. He is regularly invited to the capital’s premium venues from the Dorchester to Westminster Park Plaza and has played all over the world for celebrities. Globally acclaimed, Brendan Mills has the world on a string, achieving being the most streamed saxophonist in the world. Helping Coppermines with his first official debut, “Last Time” is hopefully the first of many collaborations between the two.

Written By Amanda Palacios




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