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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Late July" - Oliver Pinder

Photo Credit: Jake Haseldine

Have you ever been scared to fall in love? In “Late July” the singer, Oliver Pinder details the fear that comes with opening up to a new partner. The musician does a phenomenal job showcasing the intoxicating feeling of new romance and how a person can‘t help falling for someone. The songwriter describes the unreal sensation that summer love can feel like. The anxiety the artist feels about his feelings are balanced by the romantic sentiment. The sweet and emotional lyrics are complemented by the relaxed melody. Overall, ”Late July” is a touching and incredible pop song that you will have playing on repeat.

The song begins with a guitar riff that is joined by Pinder’s raspy vocals. As the vocalist sings about feelings, electronic noises are added to the single that add a fresh and cool sound. As the chorus begins, the melody quickens and the singer is then joined by gorgeous layered and harmonized vocals. After the second chorus, there is a musical interlude that allows the guitar to shine. Before the song ends, there is a bridge where the instrumental is lowered, so that the singer has a moment to showcase his lovely voice and thoughtful lyrics. Ultimately, Pinder should be on your list of artists to watch for his stunning, raw lyrics and fantastic voice.

Oliver Pinder is a singer/ songwriter that is Los Angeles based. He is influenced by his favorite artists such as The 1975, Maggie Rogers, and Jeremy Zucker. The artist has been making music for over ten years and released his debut EP, “Island Rain” eight years ago. After his first EP, he took a break and only released one single titled, “Lockdown” within seven years. Since 2022, the singer has been inspired and has released three new amazing indie pop songs. Recently, the songwriter announced an upcoming tour in Europe, so you should grab some tickets and come see the new up-and-coming artist this spring.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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