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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Late Night" - y.azz

If "Late Night" were to be described as a meal, then contradictions are the secret ingredient that make it truly worth five stars. Both dizzying and smooth, tormented and clear-eyed, sultry and internal—these conflicting qualities only serve to elevate the whole. Featuring production from YANAGUI, the latest offering from Lisbon-London-based artist, y.azz, is a glossy, pop ode to giving in to the moment. Merging RnB and modern pop, "Late Night" sounds distinctly current in style and flavor. The chorus shores up progressively vibrant bursts of energy partitioned by moments of startling restraint. The effect is similar to a bustling party freezing in time as your gaze fixes on an old flame; time unfreezes as you down a shot and choose to enjoy the present.

Many of the lyrics land in territories of intimate specificity, impenetrable without context we're not privy to. "Foolish of me to think you'd be at a loss," she remarks inward, coming off more shrugging than sheepish. As enigmatic as the subject of her lyrics is, y.azz appears to have been about as uncertain. There are enough details to make out a tantalizing portrait of an on-and-off relationship: noncommittal attitudes, being blown off, playing games, and complacency. "I keep wasting my time / letting my heart on the line for you." It's the perfect encapsulation of having spent too much time and energy trying to get someone to respect you. Thankfully, she finds a more satisfying conclusion in the present moment. "I'll save my love for someone that isn't you." Love can be messy, challenging, and contradictory, but the greatest mystery will always be how we're able to submit ourselves to it all over again.

Y.azz is the creative project of Lisbon-London-based artist, Mariana Prista. "Late Night" was written shortly after the completion of her 2022 EP, "Heartbreak Mixtapes," and originally conceptualized as an introduction for a concert instead of a single. Y.azz started as a collaborative project with b-mywingz, with the duo notably receiving a win at the EDP Live Bands 2019 festival. After releasing their debut album, "Cycles," in 2021, Prista chose to explore y.azz as a solo project. Since "Heartbreak Mixtapes," Prista released the single "Drip," followed by "Late Night." The latest single is also accompanied by a stunning music video.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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