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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Launch Forth" - Jenny Mallard

Humanity at its purest form has always thrived on self-evolution to innovate and enlighten our lives, whether that be through complicated technological advancements, or more simply, self-cultivation. "Launch Forth" is an encouraging coming-of-age single that reminds listeners to continue moving forward despite the underlying fear of change that can be innate in our society. While we all crave to be our highest selves, it takes immense self-love and patience to develop into these versions of ourselves. Jenny Mallard uses her artistic flair in her latest release to advise listeners that they are in charge of their lives, and despite apprehensions towards taking risks, a prosperous future lies ahead.

While the self-produced composition is excellent, Mallard's ethereal vocals elevate the inspiring single. Throughout the song, the artist is able to display her generous range against an affecting musical configuration that delivers a heartening message. Though some lyrics express anxieties such as, 'so many questions/wondering if and when you'll find the answers', repeating metaphors aligning life with a moving ship reassure listeners to pursue their journeys, even through 'rough seas'. While Mallard has previously been described as folk-pop, this song contains a medley of modern country and indie elements. The hopeful lyricism and warm instrumentals charmingly compliment the soothing mood of the single.

Jenny Mallard is a Canadian folk-pop singer-songwriter from Mount Pearl, NL. While she began her professional singing career in 2016, she's been performing from a very young age. Mallard has been recognized as an engaging live performer, producing a variety of covers infused with folk acoustic influence. The artist has toured four times throughout Newfoundland and her songwriting talents have been acknowledged by the East Coast Music Awards. In addition to her musical showcasing, her fans can find physical and mental health promotion through her Instagram account. Her first few singles, "I do", "The Girl You Used to Know", and now "Launch Forth" were just released this Summer and her debut album is set to be released this Fall.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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