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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Lavender" - Georgia Meek

Ever become too overstimulated or overwhelmed with just life in general? Georgia Meek creates a step by step guide on how to deal with it in her new alt-pop single, “Lavender.” The invigorating track shares the struggle of a girl who is clouded with anxiety, and what she does to help cope with it. The instrumentals themselves are stimulating, with their upbeat chords and popcorn drums, almost acting like a coping mechanism to get out of a funk and feel as liberated as the electric music. On the other hand, the urgency of the lyrical beat in the chorus might suggest otherwise, as if we’re looking into her brain and are seeing the rush of thoughts pounding away one after another. Either way, Georgia Meek shows that we are not alone in feeling this way; and there are ways we can help to dissipate the cloud over our heads. Her main suggestion: take time and smell the lavender.

Like a powerful windstorm, the song picks up incessant controlling thoughts and throws them into the lyrics and instrumentation. Almost instantaneously, the track cuts straight from the battle of anxiety in the pre-chorus to the fast-paced list of coping with it in the chorus, “Take a xanny, do some yoga/ Meditate and smell lavender;” just some of the things she lists. The production takes the song to a whole new level, with its sheer techno candied synths, bubbling over swinging drums that elicit Georgia Meek’s studded vocals. It’s the little things that tie the song together though, featuring micro clips of adlibs in the background to fit with the lyrics: the sound of a phone switching off, a bottle of pills pouring and the sound of a tv channel. It seems like the song is never-ending just like her thoughts, and it’s not until she yells “stop!” at the end, when the song comes to a halt. Suggesting that she has found some sort of inner switch to quiet her mind. After listening to “Lavender,” one may feel all of their worries disappear, emulating the benefits from the herb itself; which was most likely the point.

The London based alternative-pop artist, Georgia Meek, has cultivated a grand following of millennials through the powerful messages that she integrates into her music. Since her 2018 release of the EP “Womanhood,” Georgia has received praise from publications such as Stylist Magazine, Wonderland, Clash Magazine and more. With her newest solo single since 2019, “Lavender” is a breath of fresh air for her music career, pioneering her to be considered an up-and-coming modern pop-princess.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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