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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Libra" - Danica Bryant

“Libra” Danica Bryant’s latest release is purely feminine. A girl pop anthem on the pre-existing signs that a relationship will go poorly, specifically, zodiac signs. She attributes her misfortune to the stars, something inevitable and predictable, calling out the expected consequences of her interactions with this person. The song is fiery and memorable, featuring detailed descriptions and rants of the sign’s habits. But beyond the impossible to ignore chorus, her lyricism is relatable and humorous, offering commonly encountered lines such as “I’ll tell you mine if you can tell me yours”. The implication throughout the song is that the person she sings of thinks nothing of astrology while she thinks highly of it, and she is proven right. It’s upbeat and unique yet relatable, a song for all (except Libras) who need something to blame.

The song begins with its thesis “‘Cause you’re a Libra” Bryant shouts passionately. This goes on for a few notes before they begin to fade into a modern techno beat, and eventually smooth into a calmer tone. She delivers her lyrics as if saying them directly to the subject of her song, giving yet another layer of connection to the listener. There are bits of audio editing in the instrumentals added in between each slower segment, perfectly manipulated to slow down the pace and get the listener ready to sing along again. She manages to seamlessly combine alternative and pop themes, creating a sound similar to early 2000s anthems. And in true anthem fashion, the piece ends on a high note with another rendition of the already iconic chorus.

Danica Bryant is a singer and songwriter who has spent her career pushing the bounds of genre. She writes edgy, alternative songs yet does so with a familiar tone, the recipe for a refreshing and memorable star. She first began releasing music in 2019 with the single “Down In Times Square”, following it shortly after with her first EP “Cider” in 2020. This EP would grant her placement in APRA’s Songhubs course. Her later songs would then bring her to the NZ Hot Singles Chart. Growing popularity such as this naturally comes with recognition, in Bryant’s case from both Play It Strange and Smokefree Rockquest. Find out more about her story and stream “Libra” below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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