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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Lifesaver" - Ayla

“Lifesaver” describes a true “ride or die” relationship. Ayla spends more time describing her devotion to this person than why, a theme chosen purposely to reflect the overwhelmingness of this devotion. Her life seems to depend on them, if not because of something they give then because of what they take away. The feeling of dying, or of drowning, as Ayla describes. A freedom is granted in their presence, an ability to breathe. However, by speaking of this person and danger so frequently in the same breath, Ayla manages to create a sense of risk in this person as well. A sort of lethalness to the emotions she expresses. “Lifesaver” is as intense as the story it describes.

The song begins with a whisper, as if she’s referring and offering appreciation to the listener for saving her. A rhythmic and electronic set of beats quickly follows her voice. It repeats, halting at the end of each sequence for a moment, as she continues singing in a low voice. This style of singing in conversation creates a sense of intimacy and draws the listener into Ayla’s own feelings of connection. As she begins describing a more general setting, no longer speaking directly, the music flows like the ocean she imagines. Her voice reflects her theme of a siren song, magnetizing and mystic, and the music behind it moves as the tide rises. When she reaches the chorus, repeating mesmerizingly “lifesaver”, that previously subtle sense of danger settles. The bass of the song increases slightly, as does the pace. A few renditions later, and the original tone is entirely corrupted, the song now clashing with various noises and creating an intense, beautiful, and deadly sound. It ends as it began with an almost unheard “thank you”.

Ayla was born in Paris, raised in Germany, and is now reaching countries across the globe. As a young girl, she originally wished to be a figure skater, but she must have found the rhythm she loved there more suited to a career in music because by only fifteen she was performing in New York City. Her original songs heard echoing through the Lincoln Centre sparked a performer in her. She’s been performing live since, and offering the experience of a live performance through her stunning music videos. Her talent stretches beyond her voice, though, being skilled in piano, harp, and guitar. As her popularity rises she’s being more and more recognized for this expansive ability. In 2020 alone she was a finalist in the One World Songwriting Contest, My Song Wins, and Dein Song. Follow her below and stream “Lifesaver” to stay updated on her ever growing career.

Written By Hailey Schap



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