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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Light the Way" - Alana Rich x Lo Lytes

All we want is for people to reciprocate the same effort back to us to our relationships. When they’re not doing the bare minimum, it’s draining to simply maintain the connection. It’s time to reclaim your time and energy from them! ‘Light the Way’ by Alana Rich and Lo Lytes is a great option to help raise your vibration and effectively distance yourself from toxic friends. This amazing dance-pop anthem is like a positive affirmation to help your intuition guide your heart. Once they’re out of the picture, don’t even THINK about going back! Instead, find people on your wavelength that’ll treat you 1000 times better!

There’s several reasons why this is the ultimate summer anthem! First, there’s a nostalgic beat consisting of swirling synths, jazzy guitars and drum loops. It feels like you’re living in the stars! Second, Rich and Lo Lytes create a savory blend of vocals that’s irresistible. In their respective verses, Rich glistens with goddess energy, while Lo Lytes gives you butterflies! Not to mention that their harmonies in the chorus are perfectly in sync. Finally, the line delivery is phenomenal. A couple of my favorite lyrics are “Did a full 180, vibe elevating; now you’re only like an echo sound.” and “Don’t play me cuz I wish your energy was better.” Sassy and straight to the point, Rich and Lo Lytes know how to draw you in with the catchiest of vibes!

Genre-fluid artist Alana Rich uses her diverse influences to create danceable pop hits. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, her passions for performing and writing poetry quickly led to her posting acoustic music covers on YouTube. She quickly rose to prominence, eventually sharing the stage with artists like Jojo and Hot Chelle Rae. Fellow pop artist Lo Lytes worked with Rich on 'Light the Way’ and seamlessly adds his signature 70s/80s influence to the track. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen an energy pairing that works this perfectly. Their unique styles are even more compelling when put together. These are two rising stars that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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