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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Lights Out" - bludnymph

“Lights Out” by bludnymph is the ultimate coming for you anthem. Come at me once, and i’m coming for you twice as hard. The angel and devil on your shoulders are both advising very different things. The angel says be a good girl and let it go. The devil says make them run for their life. Suddenly the angel is drowned out by our car door slamming and our hype up song before we cause some trouble. Hurt people hurt people. So when you hurt the person who would do anything for you, all their love can turn into anger on a dime, and you know what they say about payback.

The moment this song begins, it is impossible not to move your body and bang your head from side to side. It’s reminiscent of a superhero movie when the villain has just created the perfect plan of destruction, gets his goon squad al together again, and are skipping down the street laughing with malice and weapons. It’s the song for all the bad girls and boys who feel like embracing their power rather than trying to succumb to societal standards. Karma is on the side of truth and justice, so when you do us wrong, it’s only fair that we’re coming for you. This is the song you want to listen to before a big meeting, a crazy party, or just in your car on repeat to remember who you are and what you will and will not tolerate. This song is unapologetic, and it gives us the strength to never forget who we are, and never forget what we deserve.

bludnymph is a captivating, innovative alt-pop singer who accumulated well-deserved fame from TikTok. She is a Canadian native who began making videos online in 2019. Along with music, she is popularly known for her beauty, lip sync, and transition videos. Her music is game changing and her creativity is unmatched. She has found the perfect recipe to create magic within her work: spooky, sexy, silly, and magic. “Lights out” has all of these components and just the right amount of sinister and mystery to keep you coming back for more. bludnymph is just getting started, and we can’t wait to watch her journey to stardom continue.

Written By Grace Chapman



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