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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Like I Do" - Mandy Slate

While goodbyes tend to be difficult and unenjoyable, it’s a part of human nature. The longing for a past love can be hard to deal with, but it’s important to look back at those past feelings of love with sense of compassion. So, why not look back and reminisce over a past love to a dream pop anthem? Get ready for the next song of the summer, the latest track by Mandy Slate, “Like I Do.” While lyrically, the song is meant to be an emotional farewell, the song is still catchy and fun and perfect to dance along to. The execution of the song is very clean, as it was produced by Cooper Schott. While the subject matter of the song is serious, it radiates a vibrant ambiance and it’s what makes it such a perfect song for summertime.

The use of synths throughout the track makes the song feel very modern and bright. Mandy Slate’s vocal performance is very clean and smooth, and it enhances the lyrical content. It shows a level of sincerity in the story she is telling. The introduction of the song is soft and helps slowly reel the listeners in. The line delivery of some of the lyrics, especially during the verses and bridge, shows how much fun Mandy Slate is able to have in the song. Additionally, it adds to the entertainment value for listeners who can have fun singing along to “Like I Do.” The chorus does a good job of not steering away from the verses too much to the point where it ruins the personality of the track. Yet, the chorus is still exciting as it is incredibly catchy and repetitive in the best way. Overall, Mandy Slate truly does shine on this song and is ready to start growing her name.

Mandy Slate is an electropop artist and writer based in LA, California. In college, she focused more on writing, as she wrote multiple essays and poetry. She then began to tackle music, something she always wanted to do, but was so scared for so long. She’s been a performer for a long time but began to release music in 2021 with her first single “Loveblind.” Her song “Like I Do” is the final track to her latest EP, “101”. The EP circles around the subject of heartbreak and the aftermath of losing someone you love. Mandy Slate is more in line with electronic dream pop and it’s a style she executes effectively. Mandy Slate is able to create s wonderous dream state with music that helps transport her listeners. She hopes her music is able to reach the right people who will find something meaningful in her work.

Written By Chantal Charles


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