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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Like I Don't Know You" - Chris de Sarandy

As twenty-somethings, nothing brings us together more than losing touch with the people we care about. With everyone moving on in different directions and changing with the times, we often only have ourselves. We can feel lovesick. ‘Like I Don’t Know You’ by Chris de Sarandy details that feeling as though we’ve been experiencing it for a lifetime. “Trying to chase after everything we were looking for; like I stood up in a coma, stumbling over how I don’t recognize you no more.” Even as relationships fall apart, we often don’t want them to end. We can’t control it, but that doesn’t stop us from hoping...or hurting, wanting to embrace them again. Hold onto that desire as you listen to de Sarandy sing.

Chris de Sarandy’s vocal control is one in a million. In the verses, he slowly builds from soft lows with a raspy, soulful tone to a chorus where he shows off a powerful belt. In the last third of the song, as he unveils the rawest emotions in his lovesickness, a passionate grittiness takes over. “I keep trying for you, can’t keep relying on you, I keep smiling for you.” With a booming bass and echoey harmonies in the background, it’s like de Sarandy is begging for things to work out, even though it’s inevitable that they won’t. That jab to the heart reminds me of the trope of the hero’s ultimate sacrifice to safe the world; a painfully difficult decision, but also a worthwhile one. This song is undoubtedly stunning!

Chris de Sarandy is a 24-year-old artist from southwest England. He got his start 10 years ago when he joined an indie band. After transitioning to a solo pop project, he moved to London to study Graphic Design at the famous BRIT School, following in the footsteps of pop icons like Jessie J and Adele. Eventually, he made his way to Germany, where he was later signed to Berlin’s independent label Embassy of Music. His 2nd single ‘Like I Don’t Know You’ follows the rising success of his debut single, ‘Good Girl, Sad Boy.’ As someone who’s grounded in authenticity and a uniquely versatile voice, de Sarandy can propel his message to the top of everyone’s priority lists!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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