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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “like i used to” - Savanna Leigh

One thing that will always capture my attention is a song I can relate to. And in my opinion, “like i used to” could honestly be an anthem for my life. Savanna Leigh is the artist behind the single, and did a simply fantastic job of translating the song’s message. And what is that message? A loss of innocence as one gets older and has to take on more responsibilities. The lyrics gripped at me, as you hear Leigh singing about how she misses the younger version of herself. “I think I miss myself, yeah, I miss who I was / Before I was somebody that had to be someone” is a fantastic line, and makes for an amazing chorus.

Aside from the lyrics, there’s one thing in particular that made this song unique. And that’s how as Leigh continues to sing, you can hear a sense of urgency in her voice. She begins to grow more emotional and inspired as she reminisces about the child she once was. I think this is both a smart and creative move. As this urgency you hear in her voice grows more and more frequent, it allowed me to truly understand how much she missed this version of herself. I imagine she thinks about being a child again often. I know that I for sure do, who wouldn’t want to go back to being young and innocent again?

Savanna Leigh is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from Nashville, and has been releasing music since 2021! However, her start in music began at a much earlier age, when she was born into a family of entertainers, inspiring her to make music as well. Leigh tends to make songs with raw vulnerability, something that I love to look out for in music. She writes about anything and everything that would allow her to pour her heart out. Relationships, heartbreak, her past… “like i used to” was actually released alongside her other new single, “unfamilliar.” And if you were curious, yes, that song is also incredible. But I loved everything about this song, and I urge everyone reading to give it a listen as well!

Written By Isabel Mays


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