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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Like the Holidays" - The Astronomers

“Like the Holidays” is the perfect summertime pop-jam about putting your worries aside and just living each day like it’s a holiday. The best times among the cyclical work day are always the holidays; to know that on this day, you should have been working, but aren’t because it’s a vacation. But when you live every single day of your life like a holiday, then you feel a sense of ease and relief, the stress of your back.

This song is full of cheerful horns and swinging rhythms. The chorus is positively infectious and just the first tones of it melt all of your stress away. The catchy synth hooks and saccharine-sweet vocals provide a rush of endorphins into a song that just makes you want to stand up and dance. “Like the Holidays” is a perfect break from reality that soothes your soul and encourages you to like every day like the holidays.

The Astronomers are a Wisconsin-based duo who’s known for challenging the alt-pop space with their synthesis of unconventional elements in each track. They’re known for creating highly energetic singles that lead into awesome performances, complete with bouncy production and plucky vocals. Their genuine small-town pop duo with big sounds like trumpets, vocals with cool effects, and piano sending chills down your spine are only part of the allure of this out-of-this-world duo.

Written By Megan Cao



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