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  • George McSherry

Review: "Like Us Better" - Mentum

It's odd that those good memories, the ones you want to preserve in amber like a museum would have an ancient insect, can frustrate so efficiently. This punchy pop anthem drives that little machine in you that makes your head bop while you work through the pining reminiscence and balladry in the deft lyricism. As the album artwork might suggest, the song is well suited to a sunglass-clad drive along a coastline (convertible optional, but preferred).

Layered vocals play amongst themselves as they are backed by driven synths, crunchy percussion loops, and fervent bassline. These work together to create the track's upbeat framework and infectious sound likely to induce at least one or two taps of any and all toes. The curation of electronic production manages to be smooth with bounce and underpins the single. The emotion-rife chorus is delivered with zesty, staccato vocals that almost make you forget the somber nature of the lyricism.

Mentum is the moniker for the duo of Norwegian pop artists Tim and Finn. The pair met in 2014 and started working together, blending their eclectic music tastes into their fresh-faced production, mixing elements of rock, pop, and blues with structures more familiar to fans of house and electronica. They released their debut single in 2016, and their enchanting discography has continued to grow since. In the same time frame, they have collaborated with many artists including Mike Perry and Sam Feldt.

Written By George McSherry



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