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Review: "Listen Now" - Ben Drysdale

Ben Drysdale Listen Now Cover Art

Ben Drysdale’s latest release, "Listen Now," is an emotional indie folk song that dives into the perspective of supporting a friend through mental health challenges. Inspired by a midnight call from a friend in distress, the song captures the essence of empathy and the power of listening. Drysdale's heartfelt lyrics depict the struggle of dealing with alcoholism and suicidal thoughts, providing a raw and honest narrative that resonates deeply. "Listen Now" is a touching reminder of the importance of being there for loved ones in times of crisis, making it a powerful aong for those who have faced similar struggles.

Musically, "Listen Now" begins with emotional piano chords that immediately set a reflective tone. The song gradually builds to a big crescendo, with strings in the background adding a layer of depth and emotion. The interplay between guitar and piano creates a harmonious blend, perfectly complementing Drysdale's powerful vocals. His voice shines throughout the track, conveying both vulnerability and strength. The production is polished yet organic, allowing the song's strong message to take center stage. This rich, textured arrangement makes "Listen Now" not only a beautiful listen but also a compelling call to action for mental health awareness.

Ben Drysdale, a Austrailian-based singer-songwriter, has been making his mark in the indie folk scene with his soulful compositions and emotive performances. His musical journey has seen him perform across Australia, Canada, the USA, and Ireland, both as a solo artist and fronting various bands. "Listen Now" follows the success of his debut single, "If I Don't Lie Down," and continues to highlight his ability to blend personal storytelling with universal themes. "Listen Now" was co-written with Nashville-based mentor John Clinebell and produced by Guy Lilleyman at Amberly Studios. The song is a testament to Drysdale's growth as an artist throughout the years. With upcoming performances and new releases on the horizon, Ben Drysdale is poised to leave a significant impact in the indie folk music landscape.

Written By Major Taylor

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