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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Little Sister" - Ainsley Costello

“Little Sister” is a bright and mellow song about living in someone’s shadow, the struggles of being the little sister. Costello’s voice is defiant; it’s clear she knows the struggle of constantly being compared. To struggle between loving big sister and role model, but also knowing you want to make your own mistakes, experiment with your own ideas, and become your own person. Costello’s wavering yet determined voice only serves to prove the intimate and personal nature of this song. Though this song is influenced by rock, it’s clear that Costello is bringing her country-pop style into her foray into a new genre.

Costello expertly glides through her range, meticulously crafting her nuances and inflections to create a relatable story that’s realistic and reflective. From the background beat of the drums to the melodic harmonies of the guitars, “Little Sister” slowly inches its way into an explosive chorus, one that also makes the audience “scream from the top/of my lungs”. Costello does a phenomenal job writing and crafting her narrative to be relatable; even if we aren’t a little sister, we’re a big sister or have someone who we think of as a role model. And as much everyone loves their role models, they don’t necessarily wish to become them.

From the young age of 7, Ainsley Costello has performed in a variety of school talent shows and musical theater productions, studying piano, guitar, vocal performance, and songwriting. Graduating from high school at 16, she was accepted at Berklee College of Music, studying in their Business Degree program. At seventeen years old, Ainsley has performed over 130 shows in 10 different states. Costello doesn’t want to just be a one-hit-wonder; she’s striving to create meaningful works, something that people can connect to and be inspired by. As she shifts over towards more pop-alternative music, Ainsley Costello is definitely one to watch out for as she continues to step foot and make waves in the industry.

Written By Megan Cao



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