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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Little While Longer" - Flora Summers

With the release of her third single, Flora Summers has once again showcased her remarkable talent and innate ability to convey her honest emotions. “Little While Longer” captures the unrelenting desire to desperately hold onto someone you love, even though you know it will inevitably end. Summers wrote the first verse when she was nineteen, but due to the lack of tools and experience, she never finished the song. She presented it in different songwriting sessions overtime, but “no one really understood it.” Fortunately for Summers and her devote listeners, the artist learned to produce her own music and fans are now able to listen to the finished product. The vulnerable lyrics describe the singer’s inability to admit when “enough is enough” and walk away from something she knows is no longer healthy or good. This is reflected in the chorus as Summers sings: “Be mine a little while, little while, little while longer// Cause baby we are losing touch and I can’t// Really cannot give you up yet// I wanna be in love with you and me.” Furthermore, throughout the verses, she paints a vivid picture of the relationship and how the beginning of the end is unfolding before her eyes. Her detailed imagery and poetic lyricism are one of the many reasons fans fall in love with her, making Summers a remarkable artist that deserves to shoot up into complete stardom.

Flora Summers is known for her flawless alt-pop songs which contain dreamy soundscapes that effortlessly transport listeners into another realm. “Little While Longer” maintains this distinctive sound with an ethereal production that perfectly complements her angelic vocals. The song starts with an airy synth wave that quickly builds to the soft beat and propels the audience into the whimsical soundscape. Once Summers’ stunning vocals begin, the synth sounds and bass notes play, providing an additional layer to the song. The synth notes ring in the background, phasing in and out throughout the song, enhancing the dynamic. Throughout the track, Summers utilizes multiple layers of guitar to increase the complexity of the production. Furthermore, her compelling voice sings the vulnerable lyrics with a hint of nostalgia and wistfulness that naturally mesmerizes the audience. Despite the melancholic message, the song maintains a lively atmosphere that naturally boosts the spirits of listeners. Check out her latest TikTok here that gives an insight on the making of the song.

Flora Summers is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Sweden. “Little While Longer” is her third single as a solo artist. Currently, she is working on her debut solo EP, which is set for release in January 2024. Summers is one-half of the electro pop duo, Isle of You. The duo was nominated for Artist of the Future in Swedish Radio for the P3 Guld Awards. While Summers creates her own solo music under her pseudonym, she continues to release music with Isle of You as Ida Johansson. Through her art, she aspires to create music that is honest and personal—something that is authentically her. Her sound is a beautiful blend of indie-folk and pop, drawing inspiration from other artists from the genre, such as Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and Angel Olsen.

Written By Karlee Skipper


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