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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Live Without You" - Reno & Rome

The perfect summer song is here, Reno & Rome have brought us this wildly fun and passionate new song. “Live Without You” brings us the spunk of summer love, twisted with the ever so real feeling of it being unattainable. This song lets you feel every moment from a crush to romance. Falling hard and fast, Reno & Rome gives a taste of this sweet yet sour love. They sing, “Don’t wanna let you go. Just want to let you know. Don’t know if I can love without you”. This speaks volumes, sharing an intimate moment of not wanting the passion to fizzle out but only to shine brighter than ever.

“Live Without You” transports you to the summer sun almost instantly. Reno & Rome have created an entire world within this song. It showcases the spunk within their vocals, as well as the energetic pop tune. This song starts off with an instant attitude, creating a fun and playful sound. As the song continues you will find yourself getting caught up in the infectious beat. Reno & Rome keep you engaged with spectacular synths and dazzling guitar lines. Keeping the electrifying tone going, this song drives you straight towards the feeling of good vibes but yet unreal summer love.

The Indie Quartet Reno & Rome is made up of Gryphen, Nic, Westie and Ash. The group works together to create a completely unique and innovative sound that their fans love. They combine sounds of now, with a touch of 80’s pop to give their fans a new wave of music. Each member brings a distinct and amazing skill to the table to create the colorful sound of Reno & Rome. The UK based group has a number of titles under their belts, and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future. Be sure to follow this electric pop group below, and keep up with their captivating and lively sound!

Written By Cate Schoebelen


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