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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Living Our Way" - Jade Leon

Jade Leon's latest single "Living Our Way" is a fun, electro-pop track inspired by her decision to not attend college like everyone else in her life. Sometimes, we need to let go of other people's expectations and make our own choices. We decide to pursue our paths and live our lives, even if it is at the disapproval of others. At this time in her life, Leon felt alone. This song came as an emotional outlet for her and to let other people in her position know that they are not the only ones who might be struggling to forge their own path. Between upbeat pop production and bright vocals, this track wholly delivers.

"Living Our Way" is not simply a song you listen to -- it is a song you experience. It is an exciting, synthpop anthem that gets you off your seat and onto your feet to dance and sing along. Leon wrote this song to build a community of people forging their own path, people defying expectations, people taking a risk in making decisions for their lives. It is an empowering message that she got across with infectious pop melodies, cheerful production, and sparkling vocals. The refrain features the uplifting lyrics of "So here's to us / We're living our way." If you have ever felt alone, misunderstood, or nervous about living the life you want, this is the song for you. This song is about living life your way.

Jade Leon is a singer-songwriter, who started writing songs at the age of ten years old. Growing up, she dealt with social anxiety and bullying, which left her feeling lonely and misunderstood. But writing music was a form of escapism and helped her manage the difficulties in life. Now, she has found herself and the importance of using her voice. For Leon, music is a way to comfort herself and connect with others that share her emotions and experiences. It is a tool to express herself and build community. You can keep up with all her latest music by following her on social media platforms using the links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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