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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "locked in july" - Savanna Leigh

This song, “locked in july” by Savanna Leigh, is an emotional song all about wishing that things could be different, that you could go back to a time where things were perfect, before they went wrong. Tapping into that feeling of regret, Leigh has crafted a perfect song that showcases what it feels like to know that it’s too late to change things and that what you want, who you want, is now out of your grasp. With lines like “How’d we go from lovers to nothing, felt like just the blink of an eye” and “Even by the time that I’m twenty-five, I’ll still be looking for you in his eyes”, Savanna Leigh’s lyricism captures that longing for a specific person who you can no longer call your own, no matter how much you wish you could’ve stayed locked in July.

“Locked in july” is a soft, piano based track that carries the emotions and lets Savanna Leigh’s vocals shine throughout the entire three and a half minutes. Starting simply, with quiet piano, Leigh leads you into the song with a simple first verse, before building up to the chorus with layered vocals and a heavier melody. The pace slows back down for the second verse, but with richer instrumentation in the back, including a louder beat and the addition of harmonization with the piano. The bridge rounds out the song with a new peak in the energy of the track before smoothing out to a calm finish. Overall, this song is emotional, beautiful, and definitely a perfect listen for when you’re going through a breakup or just want to tap into your feels!

Savanna Leigh is a very accomplished, up and coming, singer/songwriter born in Florida and now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Knowing that music is what she was made for ever since she was a young kid, Savanna Leigh has put her heart and soul into telling stories and making melodies that stick with people. Starting out in 2021 releasing both covers of popular songs as well as original music, Leigh has gathered a large group of fans who’ve helped her gather over four million streams across different music platforms. She just released her 2023 ep “somewhere in between” and was recently featured on playlists such as POP Rising, Next Gen Singer-Songwriters, and Fresh Finds. Use the links below to listen to more of her music and follow her along her music journey!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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