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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Lonely Heart" - Melanie Wehbe

Sometimes, we feel too scared to open our hearts up and take a chance. We are cautious and guarded. In this pop track, "Lonely Heart," Melanie Wehbe addresses listeners and herself to put yourself out there, despite the difficulties you might have faced. To open your heart up and dare to take a chance. The empowering message is delivered between rich vocals and a electro-pop production. Her aim with this track was to make listeners feel a willingness to dare more, to feel uplifted, to connect and feel inspired. This mission was easily accomplished, and I highly recommend this song.

"Lonely Heart" is a danceable, 80s-influenced pop song with strong verses that build into upbeat, synth-filled chorus, which encourages listeners to move past their fears and hesitations and open themselves up. She includes hopeful lyrics like "Even roses make you bleed" and "Falling apart doesn't mean you're broken." The energetic production and bright vocals make this track the perfect addition to any playlist for this summer. The uplifting lyricism addresses each listener to dare, but it also comes as a conversation that Melanie Wehbe has with herself. Perhaps, we could all use some encouragement.

Melanie Wehbe is a Swedish pop icon from Västerås. She has been in the music industry for 10 years, even with her songs competing in Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. Her debut EP, "Bloom," released in 2022 and focused on self-acceptance and finding inner strength. "Lonely Heart" tackles similar empowering themes, as she sings about moving on, overcoming fear, and opening up a 'lonely heart.' Currently, she is about to embark on the last few dates of her 'Watch Me Blossom' Tour across Sweden. Her strong vocals and songwriting make me certain her career will continue to grow.

Written By Sydney Gray



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