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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Lonely in a crowd" - Nessi

In a new release, her first in 2024, Nessi is back with her new single “Lonely in a crowd.” In this dance track, Nessi touches on the ever-present feeling of being alone in the crowd. She has everything she wants with her life, but one thing is missing: not feeling alone. It’s a relatable feeling, especially after everything we as a population have been through the last few years. With everything being digital or nobody wanting to talk anymore, Nessi touches on the feeling we’ve all been feeling throughout the last couple of years–lonely in a crowd full of people. With this song, Nessi helps people connect to this feeling and lets others know they are not alone in the ever-growing crowd.

That’s one of the main things I love about this song: the song’s relatability to the general public helps fans not only connect to Nessi but also helps the fans connect themselves. However, there’s also so much more to love about this recent track. I also love the production of this single. I’m not usually a massive fan of dance music, but “Lonely in a crowd” makes the production lowkey enough to match the song and make it enjoyable to both dance music listeners and other genres. The lyrics match the feeling as well. Nessi does such an excellent job of writing her heart out and putting her and other listener’s feelings into words that it helps people connect to the song even more.

Nessi, who's real name is Vanessa Hutel, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. Starting five years ago when she was sick, music has changed Nessi’s life for the better. Coming into 2024 with over 12,000 monthly listeners, Nessi is ready to take on the new year with even more songs that fans will love. Creating “anti-club club music,” as she describes it, Nessi is creating music to allow fans to feel the emotions while still being able to dance to it and to connect with themes of anxiety and loneliness. While “Lonely in a crowd” is a banger, fans can also dive into the rest of Nessi’s discography, with songs like “Fooling Myself,” “Emotional,” “In Another Life,” and more. The way Nessi is moving is bound to create a space of emotional healing and relatability together, something that’s needed nowadays. 

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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