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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Lonely" - Mistine

Mistine Lonely Cover Art

Mistine’s sophomore EP entitled, “Lonely” is officially out now! To sum up the single “Lonely,” one could say it’s about the profound disconnect between two people who used to care for eachother. With powerful lyrics such as, “Maybe for failure's sake, I’m gonna call ya” and “You don’t know how to love me when I’m being honest,” Mistine emphasizes being misunderstood and in love in this single. All roads point to disconnection and challenges in communication; problems many of us can relate to. Regarding her new alt-pop EP, Mistine had this to say, “This EP takes the listener through my exploration and confusion into life and love. It captures moments in time from growing in love, heartbreak, and friendship, confusion, longing, loneliness. My songs are made to listen to while you’re driving in your car, right before sunset, when the sky is just turning orange-” Here, I think Mistine does an excellent job of painting a vivid picture of when the feelings of this song would hit the hardest.

The style and instrumentals of “Lonely” are paradoxical to its broken-hearted lyrics; and this beat is infectious! Mistine’s classical rock influences of Aerosmith are clear in this track’s instrumentals as the guitar is allowed to shine, however it does not overtake this talented singer’s vocals. It’s easy to hear the emotional weight this song carries through Mistine’s ability to convey the meaning of the track through her singing. “Lonely” also includes some fantastic and dynamic drumming, a solid foundation which is reminiscent of The 1975’s modern rock edge. Overall, the song feels so fresh and exciting yet meaningful at the same time. Between the solid production value and Mistine’s immense talent, it’s definitely a must-listen.

Jersey-bred artist and vocalist Mistine delivers her own blend of angsty pop and vintage classics. Since finding success on songs such as “Everett Park” and “Hometeam” Mistine has toured with big industry names such as Conan Gray, Meg Smith, and BiigPiig. In addition to her dreamy vocals, Mistine is also a talented bassist and guitarist. She has amassed 4,000 monthly Spotify listeners and continues to grow on social media platforms such as Tiktok. If you absolutely love “Lonely” and want to keep up with Mistine’s new releases, follow her on all social media below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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