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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Lonely Nights" - Brooke Daye x Lil Lotus

Anyone who's moved to a new city knows how lonely it can get. You're in a new place with no one you know, navigating unfamiliar surroundings. It's especially hard when you're making connections with new people that aren't genuine, and you just don't fit into the scene. Brooke Daye expresses feelings like these in her new single, "Lonely Nights." She wrote the track about feeling like she doesn't fit in with the Los Angeles culture, extending to a general feeling of not belonging. "Lonely Nights" is a collaboration with artist, Lil Lotus. After Daye teased the song on TikTok, Lil Lotus reached out to her and asked if he could feature as he related to the song's message.

"Lonely Nights" feels like the perfect song to listen to on a late night drive, destressing about the woes of life in a new city. The song is filled with commercial pop and pop rock energy, featuring catchy melodies and spirited pop beats. Both artists' crisp vocals compliment each other well, delivering memorable lines that will have you singing along in no time. The track's lyrics are a delicious contrast to the animated music, showcasing the sad feelings of loneliness. Daye starts off the song with the heavy-hitting lyrics, "I got no one to call/All my friends love a downfall/First to smile when I lose it all/This town is fake as fuck/Give you poison, but they say it's love." Though the lyrics of "Lonely Nights" are melancholy, the upbeat, energetic feel of the music will have you dancing your blues away.

Brooke Daye is an impressive LA-based singer and songwriter. She was offered a publishing deal only 10 months after moving to Los Angeles, signing with Concord Music Group. Her writing styles vary from pop, country, rap, and urban. Daye's notable co-writes include Louie Lastic, Dayyon Alexander, Jeff Shum, and Jasper Harris. Aside from her songwriting, she focuses on her own music, writing and singing songs from the heart. Daye often draws inspiration from her own heartbreak and internal struggles, creating relatable and authentic music. An equally impressive artist, Lil Lotus is the new face of pop-punk. He tastefully blends rap, emo, pop, and pop-punk in his songwriting. In 2017, he released his debut EP, Bodybag, beginning a series of singles and EPs that have garnered more than 30 million streams. Lil Lotus' album, ERRØR BØY, makes it clear that he's a pop-punk force to be reckoned with.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson




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