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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Long Hair" - Maisyn

“Long Hair” is a beautiful and reflective anthem emphasizing personal growth and self-love. After a breakup, it’s hard to refind yourself and rediscover what it’s like to be alone. Symbolized by the growth of her hair, Maisyn reminds us how we can find strength in what we’ve lost and grow after reflecting on past experiences. Cutting hair is often reminiscent of relief from a large life event, and Maisyn captures that sentiment perfectly, showing excitement and hope for the future. The raw emotional punch as Maisyn pours everything into her voice creates a thrilling musical experience.

Maisyn’s honest narrative stands out among millions of others, showcasing the often harsh truth of what relationships come to. With the thumping drums setting the tone of the song, it also serves as an icon of life moving forward, minute by minute, day by day. With the song’s upbeat tempo, it reminds listeners that though life might be tough, there’s always hope to move on. Her raw earnest and elegant vocals add texture and depth to her emotion, and the modern nuance of the atmospheric noises pair beautifully to transport the listener to another world, one melancholic, but full of hope.

Maisyn is an LA-based singer-songwriter focused on representing authenticity in emotionally charged moments, specifically honing in on her narrative-building. Releasing her first EP in 2021, Cool Girl, Maisyn took a brief hiatus before returning with a bang with her first single of 2023, “Naked”. Working with Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Joey Messina-Doerning for “Long Girl”, Maisyn taps into her “pop girl” sound reminiscent of Maisie Peters and Maggie Rogers, promising that you’ll find joy once again even if you end up with bangs.

Written By Megan Cao


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