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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Long Haul" - PEPTALK

“Long Haul” is an indie pop/rock anthem chronologically detailing the mixed emotions, heartbreak, and frustrations that derive from realizing a relationship you cherished was never meant to last. Every step taken with this relationship brought upon a flurry of emotions that never resonated within you. The joys and motivations your partner held dear were not aligned with your own. The thrills they experienced were often at your expense, no matter how strongly you forced yourself to believe they weren’t. The butterflies you once felt dissipated and left you realizing that the comfortable and secure future you imagined with them was just that: your imagination. Reflection clears your mind and you remember all the times you were warned about your partner. The experiences of others were always plentiful, but your hopeful imagination was always more abundant.

“Long Haul” is a wonderfully structured and catchy track that intertwines digital instrumentation, live instrumentation, ambience, and vocalization. It usually isn't the easiest thing to mesh digital instruments with physical, tangible instruments, but this was able to do it with relative simplicity. The starting mix of electronics with guitar strumming was a simple yet engaging way to draw us into this song’s journey. Throughout this single, but primarily in the verses and bridge, there are hints of ambience that blend well with the harmonizations at the end of each line. They blend well together so that the song is not primarily focused on the lead melody. Every line brings about a new understanding of the journey which is highlighted by the surrounding elements of this single. The little glimpses of creative instrumental structuring and vocalization serve as the cherry on top of a sweet experience.

PEPTALK is a trio of young women based out of Sydney, Australia. Each member is an accomplished singer-songwriter that helps make this group shine and establish itself in the industry as much as it has. They take musical and songwriting inspiration from groups such as Remi Wolf, MUNA and HAIM. They have written for artists and producers in multiple countries such as the USA, Canada, South Korea, and France. In 2022, they were able to gain a song-writing opportunity for K–pop group Rumble-G's “Every Other”. Just this year, two of PEPTALK’s members were selected by Troye Sivan and Lucas Keller to participate in APRA AMCOS’ pride songwriting camp, partnering with World Pride and Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras. They have built a well respected and accomplished career and even just recently released their first EP, called “Dumb Teen Heartache”. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Long Haul” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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