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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Long Road Home" - Flora

“Long Road Home” is a shimmering stellar track that reminisces on the end of a relationship sometime after it’s ended. After the hurt has moved on, Flora’s reflection on her journey and focus on her growth reminds her audience that while you may think in twos in a relationship, it’s always most important to put yourself first. Flora demonstrates how she has risen above her circumstances and inspires us to define ourselves without the input or noise of those who don’t have our best interests at heart. Her vocal prowess carries the listener to a completely different soundscape, one that empowers us to become resilient and independent.

Flora’s matter-of-fact manner of singing presents her side clear as day, with little left up to interpretation. She conveys her own feelings of frustration, liberation, and female empowerment in the beautifully written narrative. Too often have men attributed themselves as the cause behind a woman’s success, and Flora highlights this fallacy by sarcastically thanking her ex-partner, acknowledging them as making her “the person I am” before listing how her ex called her stupid and worthless. Though she derisively mentions her ex, she pulls away from him to demonstrate the knowledge, growth, and love for herself she’s learned in his absence. Good riddance.

Flora is a London-based songwriter and singer, interested in revealing her truths to the world. With jarring honesty, her mature lyrics explore the depths of her soul, barring her every insecurity and virtue to the world. Exploring her own anxiety, navigating personal relationships, and the complexity of modern love, Flora secured a spot on BBC Introducing as well as her first editorial playlist on Spotify. Connecting with her audience with live shows across London, Flora is an artist who has only begun to scratch the surface of what she can offer.

Written By Megan Cao


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