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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "look what you did to me" - Kaitlin Stark

Kaitlin Stark’s latest single is a melancholic heartbreak ballad that effortlessly tugs on the heartstrings of listeners as she explores the aftermath of a failed relationship. In “look what you did to me,” rather than focusing on the actions of her former partner, the singer instead describes the destruction they left behind. Through poetic lyrics, she paints the woeful scene of her sitting alone in an empty house, mourning the loss of this relationship. She utilizes rainy weather imagery in the first verse to immediately create this gloomy atmosphere, complete with rain sounds in the introduction. When she reaches the chorus, she sings the hook and continues to lyrics that showcase the damage done to her. She sings, “Look what you did to me// I’m worthless and empty// I’m wandering around this house// Dragging my feet on the ground// I’m ruined thoroughly// Don’t even feel like me// I’m watching someone else’s life// ‘Cause there’s no way that this one’s mine// Look what you did to me.” These lines reveal that Stark feels like a shell of her former self—a ghost roaming the halls of her own home. She lost the spark she once had and is now haunted by her past. She continues to describe this feeling in the second verse and the bridge, never ceasing to break the hearts of listeners as she continues with this detailed storytelling. With “look what you did to me,” Stark beautifully encapsulates the feeling of heartache and grief, showcasing her unbelievable songwriting talent.

“look what you did to me” consists of an elegant production that perfectly complements the heart-wrenching lyrics and Stark’s angelic vocals. The song immediately begins with rainy sound effects played over the somber instrumentation. A crisp electric guitar playing power chords lead the melody, providing a warm, clean soundscape. Stark lets some of the open strings ring out to add a high-end shimmer. As Stark’s voice signifies the beginning of the verse, the rain noises fade out while she describes the melancholic scene. The production continues through the song, and harmonic background vocals are added to the last line of the verse. A brief production pause introduces the chorus before the guitars pick back up and a soft piano playing the melody is added. When the second verse begins, the production takes a shift with the introduction of the drums while the electric guitar becomes more prominent. This change provides an increased emotional effect to the song. At the end of the verse, an echoing effect is utilized on the final word, emphasizing the emotions behind the lyric. As the song continues to the bridge, the production intensifies before hitting the heart-wrenching climax of the track. The instrumentation decreases for the last line of the bridge, bringing focus to the vocals and piano, before bursting back into the full production for the final chorus. Stark’s angelic voice continues to harmonize in the background and transitions into the soft vocalizations for the outro, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere. The track slowly fades out with her vocals and soft synth effects, leaving an emotional mark on the listener as they feel the relationship fade away with the song. With “look what you did to me,” Stark utilizes a melancholic production to perfectly tie together the heartbreaking message of the song, making it another outstanding addition to her impeccable discography.

Kaitlin Stark is a singer-songwriter from Georgia, now based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been creating music from a young age, starting with playing instruments such as guitar and piano, and writing her own music when she was a teenager. Prior to releasing her own music, she penned songs for other artists and solidified her place in the industry as a songwriter. In 2022, she made her debut as an artist with her single, “hard to be human.” She has continued to write and release songs for other artists, while simultaneously releasing her own music. She strives to create music that resonates with listeners and creates a space where they can release their emotions. Her music is a perfect mix of Sasha Alex Sloan’s honesty, Taylor Swift’s emotional vulnerability, and Little Big Town’s soundscape. Fans of any of these artists will instantly fall in love with Stark’s innovative songwriting and insightful lyricism.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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