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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Lose Lose" - Alexa Cappelli

Fake friendships are like walking a tight rope. You are constantly struggling to keep everything aligned by appeasing their problems, only to tire out and lose your balance, making the friendship fall through. In the angsty pop-punk song “Lose Lose,” Alexa Cappelli expresses this exact scenario and the reasons behind why she decided to cut off ties with a close friend: “u say u love me but then criticize my every move”; “making me apologize for things you know that I never said.” There’s only so much one can take before realizing that someone you thought was a friend, is actually not the definition of one. Sometimes it takes years of forced apologies, unnecessary criticism and victimized narcissism before finally reaching the breaking point. If you’re in a lose lose situation, this may be the exact song you need to get you off that tight rope.

Stellar rock guitars, firm resonate vocals and lively drums—what better way to express your true emotions than with honest instrumentation? Alexa Cappelli’s frustration with a calculating friend can be heard rooted into the melodies, as well as her voice, which is what separates her as a gifted songwriter. “Lose Lose” continues to prove her dedication and fearlessness to tell the raw versions of her stories. The chorus says it all, with its hearty punchline, “i can’t win, i can’t move, i just can’t—it’s a lose lose.” Alexa Cappelli makes it clear that she’s done being the pawn in her “friend’s” chess game, as the cover of her single illustrates.

LA-based 23-year-old artist, Alexa Cappelli, is the true definition of a rising pop star. Surrounding herself with music her whole life, she took voice lessons and went on to pursue musical theater, televised singing shows, and eventually songwriting. In 2018, she decided to go on the famous scouted singing show, “The Voice,” where she grew her fanbase exponentially. Although she didn’t win, Alexa did not let this diminish her musical dreams. She went on to officially launch her career with her viral single, “Forbidden,” during the 2020 pandemic which has engrossed over 2.5 million Spotify streams to this date. Her penchant for authentic songwriting has established a solid trend for her rising popularity. With every new song she releases, Alexa Cappelli continues to live up to her MTV awarded name “Voice of a Generation.”

Written By Amanda Palacios


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