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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Losers" - Aryia

Aryia’s latest release is an angsty single consisting of a high-energy production and anger-fueled lyrics. “Losers” explores the mindset of feeling lost and yearning for more out of life. Ariya wrote this song during a dark time in his own life, when he was still living in Massachusetts and dreamt of getting out. The track immediately kicks-off with the brutally honest lyrics found in the chorus as Aryia sings, “This shitty state is full of losers// And I pretended to ever fucking like you// I swear to God I’m gonna get out of here someday// Cause if I can’t, I’ll just fuckin’ end it.” These lyrics do not hold anything back, exposing the anger and frustration Aryia feels. As the song continues, additional lyrics reveal Aryia’s personal struggles with never truly fitting in and his desperation to leave. The track is less of a condemnation of his hometown, and more of a cathartic release for Aryia’s complex emotions. With “Losers”, Aryia hopes it provides the same release for listeners experiencing the same feelings.

Aryia instantly dives into the infectious track by kicking off “Losers” with the chorus. From the very beginning, the fast rhythm of the high hat, counting the beat of the song, sets the stage of a fiery punk rock anthem. The high hat continues as a muted drum sound that pulls emphasis on the lyrics. Simultaneously, the guitarist uses palm muting to enhance the muted sound at the beginning. The combination of these two instruments work together to lead the listener through the intense track. Then, when the first chorus ends, the bass and the drums pick up, creating an explosive transition between the chorus to the first verse. For the remaining of the track, all of the verses continue to be muted while each chorus brings back the intensity from the first transition. “Losers” is an impressive addition to Aryia’s discography, highlighting his candid songwriting and his natural aptitude for the punk rock genre.

Aryia is a pop-punk singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. His hard work and dedication as an independent artist caught the attention of Velocity Records, resulting in Aryia signing with the company. He is set to release his first project under the label— a 5 track EP entitled Viral. He has garnered massive success through TikTok, earning him a dedicated fan base. In August 2021, he released his hit single, “She Don’t Like Boys”, which has over 10 million streams on Spotify and has been used in over 25,000 videos on TikTok. He continues to release music that resonates with listeners and pumps them up with the explosive beats.

Written By Karlee Smith


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