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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "losing a friend" - elijah woods

Multi-platinum and award-winning artist elijah woods is here with his latest single “losing a friend.” The song tackles all the deep, emotional, and complex aspects of human relationships and how that can impact someone. elijah once again impresses his audience with his songwriting prowess, perfectly describing the raw and vulnerable parts of losing a friend. He starts off the song looking back on the relationship, now believing that the other person thought he was perfect. He would consistently take on their problems as his own and “wear them like armor,” yet he was hollow inside. elijah jumps to the present, asking both himself and this friend if this is the end of their relationship. They would always argue, but would never muster up the courage to say that it was the beginning of the end and elijah is left wondering “is this all part of losing a friend?” Now, they’re left waiting for the other to break the silence, and elijah comes to the conclusion that they hate him. After repeating the pre-chorus and chorus, elijah, almost desperately, repeatedly asks “is this all part of losing a friend,” further detailing the despair that he feels.

The production on “losing a friend” perfectly encapsulates the raw emotions that elijah’s lyrics describe. The song starts off with a mellow, almost melancholic, production that focuses on elijah’s voice. Alongside a sweet piano melody in the beginning of the track, there’s this stinging electric guitar that I feel mimics the stinging feeling of a broken heart. The track slowly builds, with the second chorus featuring some drums that drive the song forward. Finally, after repeating the chorus for a second time, the song builds into this intense, high energy outro, with elijah belting out the title over and over again that is so satisfying for the listener. He also flexes his impressive vocal range in this outro, which sounds so effortless and powerful. elijah is not afraid to talk about his insecurities and his feelings, which is what makes this track beautifully heartbreaking. 

elijah woods is a singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer from Toronto, Canada. His first breakthrough in the music industry was producing with Jamie Fine in their duo group, releasing their first single in 2017. The group disbanded in 2020, and Elijah started releasing his own music. His debut single, “lights” was released in 2021, and his first EP, “look what i made” was released shortly after. However, his most popular single “24/7, 365” took over the music scene, and it currently boasts over 60 million streams on Spotify alone. He also embarked on his first tour in fall of 2023, which went across Canada. Because of that massive success, he’s embarking on an Asia tour, which starts in May. At the same, he will be opening for Niall Horan on his Asia stops on his “The Show'' tour. As of now, elijah has acquired 5.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, multiple platinum and gold records, and many weeks on Billboard’s Canadian Emerging Artist Chart. There’s no telling where elijah’s musical talents will take him, but he will certainly continue to impress audiences over and over again. 

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni


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