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  • Destiny Rundquist

Review: "Lost Cause" - Fleur Rouge

Fleur Rouge, Lost Cause, Cover Art

Lost Cause is a beautiful song that tells us how it feels to move on from a relationship that isn't compatible. The song takes a deep dive into the artist's personal feelings on the matter at hand. It's vulnerability is palpable and it resonates even with those who might not exactly relate. The artist doesn't spare any detail when she says, "Both married to the industry / Yet that's the very thing that made us indifferent." Offering the listeners a glimpse into the artist's life, and fostering a deeper connection to the song. The artist gives us a window to connect further in the chorus when it says "We were just a lost cause / Maybe from the start / Putting back the pieces / Then tearing them apart." The raw honesty of the chorus makes the listener reflect on their own life which is exactly what a good song should do.

Lost Cause provides us with realization; it's the overwhelming mood throughout this song. It's the realization that things aren't always what we want them to be. The song starts with a bang, opening with a thudding, slightly intense, yet intriguing beat which helps set the pace for the rest of the song. The artist's voice provides a melodic, smoothness that gently cuts through the music. This along with the slight tone of sadness brings the song full circle. Altogether it gives you a sense of understanding and compassion for what the artist has been feeling. The song falls perfectly under the pop genre of music.

Fleur Rouge returns with her latest single Lost Cause, which followed the release of her successful song God Complex that was released earlier this year. Lost Cause is the third song from her upcoming EP, which will be released at the end of 2024. Fleur was born in London but is currently based in Manchester. She draws inspiration from artists like Christine and the Queens, Billie Eilish, and Lorde. The single Lost Cause is the admission of a broken relationship and the reality of it's collapse. When asked about Lost Cause, Fleur said "I wrote this song about a relationship I had with someone who was in the music industry. The music brought us together but, ironically, was the thing that pulled us apart. It touches on the bitter reality I had to face where even if you love that person so much, if you're not compatible its inevitably not going to work." Fleur continues to spread hope and love through her songs for those that may be experiencing the same thing she experienced. Fleur and her music are sure to connect with and touch many people.

Written By Destiny Rundquist

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