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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Lost " - Chasing Shadows

Sporting the cologne of iconic 2000’s radio rock, Welsh four-piece ‘Chasing Shadows’ finds new edge on ‘Lost.’ Bold, heavy-hitting–this band digs into a harder brand of ‘indie’ rock, fueled by a punk drive and emo catharsis. Nostalgic in all the right ways, you might get a chill down your spine if I say names like ‘The Strokes,’ ‘Cage the Elephant,’ ‘Jimmy Eat World!’ While rocking guitar and thundering drums drive this track, it wields a deadly hook and a synth solo–deadly combos for low-key radio hits! Rounded out by warrior bass playing and limelight vocals, ‘Chasing Shadows’ proves that this group is certainly out of the dark!

Right away, a classic ‘drum n’ bass’ buildup begins, sewing suspense as gritty, animated vocals dot the upper register. It’s going to be a full-blown affair from the beginning, oh yeah… Damn! Pop Power Blog! The streamline verses are arrow-straight, delivering a message of energy and effort; the pre-chorus begins to hint at something leaning towards ‘ecstatic,’ and well, the refrain comes in without a second to spare! Of course, a dynamic structure replete with a bridge and instrumental soli prolongs the second chorus–but to powerful and dramatic effect! ‘Chasing Shadows’ is a well-oiled machine, a unit that clicks and grooves! The synth-laden textures do bring up some questions on my end, but overall the addition feels textural and not critical (for the time being). Crafted with care, the song’s lyrics stand tall on their own, memorable yet not static!

Hailing from the UK, an ocean away, the North Wales-based quartet, ‘Chasing Shadows,’ show off what is well their magnum opus with ‘Lost!’ Catchy, cathartic, this cut is everything a listener could want from some emotive era rock! Bursting with chemistry and the history that’s soaked in, it’s clear this unit has a wider vision, a ‘tried and true view’ of the acts they strive to honor! Rocking out in a way that’s warm but welcome, this outfit is poised to do some serious damage as they grow their brand. Come back to some good music, come rock out with ‘Chasing Shadows!’

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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