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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Lost in My Mind" - Casey Austin Allen

In Casey Austin Allen’s new song, “Lost in My Mind,” he goes into an in-depth exploration of trying to find yourself in times of struggle. It is deeply emotional and it is clear that Allen put a lot of himself in it. He really puts his vocal abilities to the test in this song, but the end result is worth it as it’s a great performance on his end. There is an interesting haunting nature to the track, where it feels like this song has a darker tone to it. What also makes the song interesting is the buildup and then the eventual explosion of emotion at the end. The harmonies towards the end also really sell the emotional vulnerability. Overall, “Lost in My Mind” is a great track and it really shows what kind of artist Casey Austin Allen is.

There is a unique sound effect in the introduction of the song that has an eerie style to it that is reminiscent of horror films. While there is a great tragedy presented in the lyrics in the beginning, there is still some resistance to it Allen presents, and it shows that he’s trying to fight his struggles. The main melody really does get stuck in your head. The buildup in the second half of the song does come in quickly, and it’s where Allen sells us his vocal abilities. The song doesn’t really follow the classic songwriting structure and it’s what makes the whole experience so captivating. There is a lot of emotional depth in his singing and it really does make you want to keep listening. “Lost in My Mind” by Casey Austin Allen is worth the listen as it can provide you with the support you may need.

Casey Austin Allen is an artist from Raleigh, North Carolina, who has been working in the music world for some time now. He has been a part of a few other groups and has dipped his toes in multiple genres, including rock, metal, pop, indie, and more. He enjoys creating unique blends that explore different emotions. There is clearly a lot of heart in what he does, as he tries his best to push away obstacles to do what he loves. Allen works hard in his songwriting and tries to make songs that all listeners can connect to. Casey Austin Allen is expected to release more music this year so don’t miss it.

Written By Chantal Charles


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