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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Lost In The Moment" - George Dewhurst

With his third ever single he hit it out of the ballpark. George Dewhurst's newest single "Lost In the Moment" brings together the emotions that come hand in hand with meeting the right person at the right times. An inspiring and uplifting song the pop melodies and dance rhythms are sure to bring a pick me up to ones day.

Beginning with an upbeat guitar riff the song quickly picks up creating and upbeat pop feel to the song. The chorus brings in a catchy melody with upbeat instrumentals that allow listeners to quickly gain interest. Throughout the song the instrumentals continue to stand out as they create a harmonious sound in the vocals to bring together and upbeat and celebratory sound. The bridge of the song picks up with the instrumentals and utilizes a faster paced rhythm, invoking happy feelings with the song. It closes on a high note ending with a small crash of the drums and a fade out leaving listers wanting more.

The English singer and songwriter grew up in a small town, music being his ticket out out there. From a young age music was a tool to shop his own future. With just his guitar and the bag on his back, George began to travel the world, placing together his future,. It is now that he starts new beginnings in a studio he built to create the story he always dreamed of orchestrating.

Written By Gillian Mena



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