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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Lost the Feeling" - Izzy S.O

In ‘Lost the Feeling’, Izzy S.O confesses that she feels low on love in her relationship. “Maybe I lost the feeling, maybe you lost the fight; I’m tired of repeating this.” Life can be...chaotic, to say the least. Sometimes all the negative experiences we have can seem to overshadow our joyful moments. Izzy’s energy is a compelling counterforce to this, expressing this dreamy optimism out of having to let go of a draining connection. She steps into a world where she can see the other person crystal clear, beyond the storm clouds in her mind. The result is a gentle, yet evocative tune to escape to for comfort in your personal battles.

I love the backdrop. The guitar rhythm is quite catchy, pulsing vibrantly with iridescent synths to usher in a sleek ‘90s alt-pop sound. It’s a smart choice; pairing the nostalgia with Izzy’s dreamy flashback to the emotions she beautifully felt (and still desires to feel) with this person. On the other side of that coin, she also senses that something’s off. “You tell me secrets of a girl you once knew, but the dots won’t connect.” Izzy subtly alludes to her gut feeling, but in the bridge she rips that thought away and looks past it. There’s such purity in her optimism here, and it’s truly exhilarating to hear that in her voice. This song is an instant earworm!

Izzy S.O uniquely blends the sounds of pop-rock, soft punk and indie pop with the lyrical prowess of Avril Lavigne. The London-based singer-songwriter was raised in a household filled with creativity and music. Her early influences include a wide array of artists like Alanis Morissette, Damien Rice and Mazzy Star. After leaving school at 16, she entered the music industry as a vivid songwriter who could express complex emotions with incredible clarity. She’s also an actor, and her most prominent role was on Nickelodeon’s popular comedy series Goldie’s Oldies. This year, she released her first single ‘Flirting with Strangers’ and now her second single ‘Lost the Feeling’. Both songs will be featured on her exciting debut EP Can You Hear Me which comes out July 29th!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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