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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "love again" - Ada LeAnn

"love again" comes as the latest single from bedroom pop singer, Ada LeAnn. The moody track details her experience grieving a past relationship, while watching her ex so easily move on with someone else. Feeling hurt and angry, she calls out them out for skipping getting closure, leaving her, and causing damage. With poignant lyricism, a piano-laden production, and a powerful bridge, the track felt similar to what could have been a song off Olivia Rodrigo's Sour album. Even if you are not reeling from a broken heart and trying to move on, "love again" is the perfect addition to any playlist.

The track begins with a piano-heavy introduction, before Ada dives deep into the emotions swirling around inside of her after this breakup. In the vulnerable chorus, she sings, "Help me make it make sense / How can you love again?" and "Running round with her / Did you think about the damage while moving on?" Breakups can be difficult, especially when the person you loved moves on to another relationship before you have fully processed the end of your relationship. Between impassioned vocals and saddening production, Ada takes you through the stages of her hurt, anger, and resentment. If you're looking for a new song to scream or cry to, this is the perfect song to check out.

17-year-old singer-songwriter Ada LeAnn is striving to be a fresh voice in pop music for teenagers like herself. She made it as a semi-finalist on the NBC show American Song Contest in their first season for her song, "Natalie." "Natalie" also won the 2022 Josie Music Awards, and Ada got to perform it at the Grand Ole Opry. With a style similar to artists like Tate McRae and Taylor Swift, she brings authenticity and relatability into her penmanship, often taking inspiration from her experiences in relationships. If you enjoyed "love again," you can find her other music on all streaming platforms.

Written By Sydney Gray



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