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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Love and Gucci Gloves" - Belz

“Love and Gucci Gloves” by Belz is an upbeat and danceable tune about chasing those dreams you’ve always had. While the song is very fun and has a lot of pop and disco elements, there is still an emotional element to it. When chasing those dreams, doubt that always creeps in and makes you wonder if you can achieve what you want. It’s always intriguing to hear songs that sound different than what the lyrics intend, and Belz perfectly executed it. Credit should be given to Belz because it can be very hard to be this vulnerable and admit your desires and aspirations in life. “Love and Gucci Gloves” is a great track and Belz does an excellent job of captivating listeners.

The beginning of the song is somewhat slow, but the beat still does a good job of capturing one’s attention. The chorus is fun and really catchy, and at first, you think the lyrics are just funny lines, but they quickly take an emotional turn, and it shows the true depth of the song. The lyrics transition into the insecurities one carries when they do want success and love, all while still carrying that fun dance energy throughout the song. The song builds and grows, as towards the second half we start to hear some of those more disco elements. The background vocals really keep the energy upbeat and mix well with the song. Overall, “Love and Gucci Gloves” is able to blend different elements very well and it shows how great of an artist Belz is.

Belz is an artist based in New York who has been writing and performing music since she was 10 years old. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she has been perfecting her craft since she was young, by studying music from Berklee School of Music professors and graduates. She shows a lot of passion for her work based on how dedicated she has been to it throughout her life. Currently, she is a student at NYU. Belz has also gotten to opportunity to perform in many locations such as Rockwood Music Hall and the Hard Rock Café. Belz is expected to release more music soon so keep your eyes wide open.

Written By Chantal Charles


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