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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Love Bombing" - Piper 57

Singer, songwriter, and actress Piper 57 has returned with her first single in over a year, “Love Bombing”. This song delves into a fascinating encounter that she experienced with a love bomber, who told her he loved her on the third date. In the first verse, Piper says this guy has a PhD in mixed signals and now he’s out in the real world with these skills. She tells him to take a day off because “[he’s] got enough to pay the bills.” For Piper, it’s embarrassing that he’s love bombing her, calling him a loser “when [he’s] bread-crumbing for attention.” She was doing just fine before he showed up, and now all he tells her is nonsense. Piper calls this guy an architect who builds “skyscrapers and [their] future in [his] head.”  He’s willing to do anything to get her, and Piper can see right through it. In the ridiculously catchy bridge, she says that on the first day he called her beautiful, but then the next he acted like she was nothing. Then, on the third day, he got down on one knee. And after all, the only thing she can say in response to all of this is “nah.”

“Love Bombing” is a really unique electronic pop song. Piper 67 and the producers created an incredibly interesting and immersive soundscape for the track. The way “Love Bombing” was produced meshes very well with the theme of the lyrics. One of the big themes of the song, “sugar dating”, works perfectly with the overall vibe of the song as well. Throughout the whole song, there are some really cool effects on both her vocals and the instrumentation as well. While the verses have a lighter production, the choruses lean really heavily into the beat, and your body naturally moves back and forth while listening. The bridge is not only catchy because of the lyrics, but also because of the background vocals. Piper’s background vocals and her main vocal track go back and forth, and it’s really fun. Overall, this song is super fun to listen to, and it definitely can get stuck in your head.

Piper 57, otherwise known as Laura Julie, is a singer, songwriter, and actress based in Berlin, Germany. Following her motto “My Way or the Highway,” she’s traveled from Los Angeles to Berlin to Las Vegas. She became a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Organization, where she fought against capitalism and the patriarchy. Meanwhile, she was struggling with her mental health. She started her phase of sugar dating during the COVID-19 pandemic, which came with a whole slew of challenges. However, she found support in a poker player and hotel owner who sponsored her artistic education and therapy projects. Now, she has ushered in a new, self-confidence era she calls “Spiritual Sugar Baby.” Although “Love Bombing” is her first song in this new era, she is sure to impress with all of her subsequent releases.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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