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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Love Is Blind" - ZITA

Marking an important milestone in her career, ZITA has released her first self-written single, "Love Is Blind." The track shows the artist's growth as a singer-songwriter, proving her talent and self-confidence with this masterful performance. Providing a relatable message just in time for Valentine's Day, ZITA explores love after heartbreak, taking us on a journey through what it feels like to be in a healthy relationship after a toxic one. The artist notes how her new partner gives her a sense of comfort that wasn't present in her previous relationship, depicting this in lyrics like, "You’re a remedy/‘Cause I never/thought that I could be this happy/After everything he’s done." "Love is Blind" is the perfect ode to new beginnings, giving listeners hope that there's someone good out there for everyone.

Energetic and captivating from start to finish, "Love Is Blind" sets hearts on fire in the best of ways. The track is filled with infectious melodies and mesmerizing instrumentals, making it a prime candidate to be someone's next musical fixation. Creating a delicious pop-rock soundscape, ZITA incorporates driving beats and blistering guitar riffs throughout "Love Is Blind," providing an epic propulsion that keeps the song from having any dull moments. ZITA's enchanting vocals add another rich layer to the song's composition, effortlessly belting unforgettable melodic lines and showcasing the artist's vocal prowess.

Dazzling audiences from a young age, ZITA began her journey by debuting on The Voice Kids. The impressive singer-songwriter easily advanced to the semi-finals on the show and has since built a large, loyal following on social media. Her rendition of "Dancing In The Sky" has now been streamed over 8 million times and has been followed by critically acclaimed songs like "Arcade," "I Have Nothing," and "Better Without." ZITA is certainly an artist to keep an eye on and is the perfect new discovery for fans of acts like Berre, Davina Michelle, Pommelien Thijs, and Laura Tesoro.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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