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  • Mia Mangione

Review: "Love Me Not Him" - HOLMES

An incredible display of passion and desire for something unobtainable, HOLMES’ new single, “Love me not him” is about not wanting to let go of that special someone, even when all odds are against you. It’s a quintessential pop track with dark rock undertones, deriving from the hard hitting drum and fervent electric guitar. HOLMES doesnt give up hope; this song was made as an anthem for those going through the wringer in their love life, but not giving up without a fight. The overall composition gives off a feeling of adventure and perseverance through these tough times.

A mixture of current pop elements on top of a classic early 2000’s rock instrumental. His deep, emotional and sophisticated tone is a staple voice for a love song where walls are torn down and vulnerability is on display. The sounds within the chorus like the tethering synths and gripping guitar riffs perfectly embody the passion and array of feelings that transpire in the midst of lost love. Subsequently, HOLMES speeds up the bridge, adding necessary tension that compliments the premise of wanting that person back. “Times have changed, theyre not the same…youre missing on what we could be, so love me”. It’s a tale of choosing between two people, imploring that they choose you. Even when things are over, and you think you've moved on, those faint moments reliving the good memories seem to always creep up, making us wish things were how they used to be.

HOLMES is a fresh indie pop/rock singer/songwriter originally from the North East of England. He entered the year 2022 with a mission to share his music with the world, debuting with his first single, “If It Was Up To Me”, followed by “Never Learning and “Love Me Not Him”. You can hear the versatility in his voice in all three tracks. In such a short period of time, his music has been heard on streaming platforms, radio stations and when he performs live. HOLMES, whose main purpose in creating music is to connect people together, is currently working on more projects and has alot more coming your way, so keep an ear out!

Written By Mia Mangione



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