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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Love of a Lifetime" - Ruth Teeling

“Love of a Lifetime” is a heartfelt song, written and performed by Ruth Teeling. In the song Ruth writes about the person who she feels is the love of a lifetime. Instead of opening the song with intense dramatic emotions she focuses more on the mundane, “I ask about your day, about the TV shows you’re watching”. This immediately creates a realness to the song, and displays the idea that love and spending time with someone is about the mundane things. Ruth also describes this person as her safe space, another important and very real feeling that comes with loving a person in the way she’s describing. It's significant that she chooses to go with a more raw, authentic depiction of love, instead of the exaggerated and superficial feelings that are sometimes expressed in most pop love songs.

Instrumentally, “Love of a Lifetime”, remains fairly consistent, and simple. The song is a perfect product of a singer songwriter, as the song is just Ruth and her guitar. There is not much variation in melody from the guitar, as the song primarily consists of the same chords. This style of instrumentals allowed for the melody to primarily come from the vocals. Where the guitar lacks variation in melody, Ruth’s voice fills in those gaps beautifully. All the components together work to create a song that is successful at capturing and relaying the emotions Ruth writes about.

Ruth Teeling is an Irish Singer-Songwriter. Her presence as an artist is one that is very genuine. She also generates a personal connection to audiences, through her style of music. As shown in her work Ruth has an authenticity to her writing that connects listeners on a genuine and real level. “Love of a Lifetime” is a stellar example of these qualities she has as an artist. Ruth also has two other singles that she has released. “Evidence” is another one of her singles that is similar to “Love of a Lifetime”. On the contrary her single, “I Kinda Like This Christmas” is a more upbeat, faster paced song. Be sure to listen to Ruth if you are looking for personal songs from a genuine artist.

Written By Alison Holst



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