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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Love Of My Life" - Bellah Mae

Bellah Mae Love Of My Life cover art

“Love Of My Life” is Bellah Mae’s latest release.  The song focuses on the reflection of  a relationship post- breakup.  More specifically, a third party reflection.  It is one thing to mourn the relationship known from one’s own perspective, but when a breakup occurs and it’s seen from the outside, the point of view and facts of the relationship change astronomically.  Of course, she does reflect largely on her own emotions, being heartbroken and overwhelmed.  But, there’s a piece of the song that offers something new, the idea that this wasn’t the lifelong fairytale she saw it as.  “Love Of My Life” is an expression of what happens when only one person in a relationship sees the other as their soulmate.

The song begins with the first reckoning of this realization, the breakup itself.  Bellah Mae has a voice perfect for pop, low and emotional but more than capable of reaching iconically upbeat choruses.  The lyrics are delivered mostly in a storytelling format, but Mae does something different.  She actually speaks to the listener one on one, breaking the fourth wall in grainy commentary that pairs the primary vocalism.  Her biggest play on perspective though, it being the most notable theme of the piece, comes in with the chorus.  This segment offers first her former partner’s perspective stating “It’s not like you're the love of my life” immediately followed by a complete reversal of this, singing now from her perspective “You're the love of my life”.

Bellah Mae got an early start to her music career.  She grew up with a family that was completely entrenched in music, with a grandfather who played in a band and a father who adored it.  She’s been playing guitar and writing songs since she was a child and has held both skills close to her heart.  Her songs come from a largely personal place as well.  Her first hit, “Boyfriend of the Year”, was exceptionally vulnerable and garnered an audience on social media first because of it.  Every song she writes, she writes truthfully and intimately, she’s never even carried an unsentimental guitar- keeping the same named one for years.  Find more of these hard hitting heartbreak songs below and follow Bellah Mae for more information.

Written By Hailey Schap



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