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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Love U Better" - POLUN

Having that specific someone who you love and care for is a beautiful thing. You realize that the little things matter the most—like taking a drive to McDonalds in the middle of the night or just staying home together doing nothing. But when you’re with that person, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are. POLUN’s latest track off his Trillium album, “Love U Better” is about the realization that living life with that significant other is wonderful. When you’re away from them, it can be hard sometimes because of that distance; whether they just left your house or they live in a different city or state from you. The feeling of being healthy and content with the relationship is something we all strive for. It’s a matter of having that trust and love that is built from both partners to make the connection still strong and worth it.

The song starts up with cassette tape effect that sounds like an opening of a film about a love that is about to blossom. With an electro-pop soundscape paired with refreshing and sweet lyrics, the listener’s able to have a diverse feeling of emotions. The lyrics are heartfelt and mixed with an upbeat melody that makes you want to dance and sing along. It sounds like it could be played in a club for a bunch of people to vibe to with its catchy tempo. POLUN's vocals are clear with additional ad libs and echoes that enhances with the music creating a rhythm affect along with it. The rest of the track after the lines, “I’m gonna love you better” is instrumental with a pop beat that amplifies the tune significantly. The same tape sound closes the song.

Toronto-based POLUN, under the producer/songwriter’s name Terence “TEE” Lam made his debut producing “Can’t Choose” by JRDN in the 2014 Juno award-winning R&B/Soul record. Following that achievement, he co-wrote two Billboard Hot 100 hits which are triple platinum singles, “Here” by Alessia Cara and “Too Good” by Drake ft. Rihanna. He crossed over to produce for some K-pop artists like EXO, D.O., Suho, and Monsta X and wrote songs for Adventure Club, DVBBS, Kaskade x Meghan Trainor. He earned credit on his skilled production for “U Should” by 2021 Best New Artist Grammy nominee CHIKA and “Living Hell” by TikTok sensation Bella Poarch. He’s ready to share his debut album, Trillium which is inspired by his life’s journey. Trillium is infused with pop melodies and charged beats that also features some of his favorite collaborators. He has earned over 5,000 Spotify monthly listeners. He definitely has a lot coming, so make sure to check POLUN out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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