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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Love Won't Die" - Tiri

It’s very common to regret your irrational thoughts and actions after a situation goes down, especially if it’s with somebody you are dating. In this apology to her ex, Tiri assures her listeners that despite everything that happened, as the song title goes, “Love Won’t Die.” Her debut single features a steady electro-pop beat throughout the entire song, with heartfelt lyrics that will be sure to make you feel somewhat sentimental about a situation you wish had gone differently. Tiri’s first song is unforgettable: the perfect combination of well-thought-out lyrics and an upbeat musical backing. You are bound to listen repeatedly because of how catchy it is.

The song opens up with the light strumming of an instrument that immediately goes to the background when Tiri begins to sing out apologies to her ex. As the first verse continues on, her voice is layered beautifully in harmonies as she continues to sing her piece. She lays it all out on the line, admitting to overthinking and setting up for her apology. With the introduction of the chorus, the electro-pop beat in the background remains as strong as ever while Tiri’s vocal range and longevity is shown off in the repetition of the words “Love Won’t Die.” Repetition of the chorus at the end of her song really drives her point home: despite all that’s happened, the beauty in life will take over and love will prevail.

Tiri grew up in Oslo, Norway, where she has been pursuing songwriting ever since she was fifteen years old. Growing up in a musical household made her goals and ambitions natural; something that was a part of her from a young age. Music quickly became a safe place for Tiri to overthink and process all of her feelings in her own time. She writes what she feels, creating music to comfort those with feelings resonating with hers. With the warm vibe her lyrics give off, it’s easy to find some commonality in them. In 2019, Tiri began working with KWIL, a producer & songwriter based in Nashville. The partnership is still going strong to this day, and we are excited to see Tiri’s career continue to grow.

Written By Molly Schiff



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