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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Love Yourself" - Modal Split

Modal Split's newest single, "Love Yourself" is the bubblegum disco self-love anthem you won't want to miss this summer. It's a bright, poppy tune about how we all need self-care, especially after a hard day. It's sassy and upbeat, with just the right level of promiscuity. When you look at the lyrics, it's clear that Modal Split has a sense of humor. Some lines are certainly provocative, but subtle. But the lyrics remain ambiguous enough that the song could totally just be about relaxing in bed with a good book. We love a good, clever double-meaning. Humor aside, the song's message is clear. In today's busy world, we really should be taking more time for ourselves.

Musically, "Love Yourself" is so much fun. It's a modern pop tune with disco and synthpop elements. I especially like the synth bells that Modal Split uses in the intro and bridge. They add some extra personality and detail to an already extremely catchy tune. The vocals are clear and flawlessly in tune, and the background harmonies work to support them nicely. The best way to describe this song is the sound of dressing up and going to the mall with your friends in the 80s. It gives vacation vibes, beach vibes, and Barbie dreamhouse vibes. It's all the vivid colors of decades past with a distinctly modern 2020s tone, and it works.

Modal Split is a producer and songwriter based in Frankfurt, Germany. He specializes in synthpop, electropop, and dance music, lending his own style to each genre. His Spotify debut began in 2023 with his album, "Somnolence", a fully instrumental project using various genres and atmospherics. Modal Split has since moved on from solely instrumental music and stepped into the world of vocals beginning with his 2023 song, "Leaving the City", the first of several singles that would eventually become his 2023 album, "Metro". In 2024, he released his EP, Somno, which is much closer to the hip-lounge feeling of his current style. Needless to say, each Modal Split project is unique, and I believe, "Love Yourself", is one of his best yet. If you'd like to hear it for yourself, the single is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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