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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Lullaby" - BAYWUD

Each intricate and delicate fixture in BAYWUD's latest single, "Lullaby," is gently and cautiously arranged. The double-tracked, harmonizing vocals and the sparse, acoustic guitar both feel nestled with a quilt of reverb and delay. As the LA-based musician lays to bed a failed relationship, the warmth of the production transforms the coldness of the lyrics into a shuddering ache. The idea of a lullaby takes on multiple meanings within the context of the single as the intentions blur. The grief at the core of "Lullaby" is deeply felt as BAYWUD seeks his own comfort through closure. The conclusion, he suggests, is monumentally influential on the healing process. Forge your own comforting closure, lest you agonize.

"Lullaby" begins recounting the end of a relationship. "We said our last goodbyes / by an ocean filled with lies," implies deeper wounds without assigning blame. As the somber ballad creeps under your skin, you feel the intentions to lay the relationship to rest. The second verse, however, complicates this idea exquisitely. "When the light fades, I can't find peace / I don't know how to sleep." Hauntingly direct and revealing, BAYWUD poetically lays bare his struggle in healing from its end. The song becomes a "lullaby" to both the relationship and himself. As much as the production tenderly forges comfort in pain, he shapes closure for himself in the melancholy goodbye. Rather than expound and fret over the "ocean filled with lies," he marks the punctuation to that chapter in his life.

BAYWUD is published to a division of Pure Pop Music LLC: Gone Global Music. Based in LA as an indie artist, musician, and songwriter, BAYWUD draws on his classically-trained background in piano. The artist frequently collaborates with producer and writer, Rune Westberg, releasing polished and introspective tracks. 2021 saw BAYWUD releasing five singles and a three-track EP. "Lullaby" arrives as his second release of this year. His debut album is slated to be released in October.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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